Saturday, July 17, 2010

A-Art History Self-portrait

Choose a portrait
from an art history
book, use any era, any media.
Take a self-portrait with
a digital camera. Combine
the two images. Use any color
medium; paint pastels, colored

B-Bacon Portrait

Study the fantastic portraits
by Guiseppe Arcimboldo.
Gather the grocery store adds
from your junk mail. Cut out
the food adds and sort by color.
You can use all meat, all veggies,
etc. Sketch a quick contour
portrait of someone in your house
or use a mirror and draw yourself.
Cut and glue the adds to create
a contemporary Arcimboldo portrait.

C-Candy Wrapper Collage

Get a pack of your favorite candy
or gum, share it with others. Save
all the wrapping. Use a glue stick
to create a dynamic composition
using the wrappers.
Leave some space for
drawing/painting/collaging. Add
your own style to the collage.


Study Suerat and other pointalist
impressionists. Use either a picture
in your d. book, or get an object from
outside (flower/leaf, etc.). Briefly
sketch the object. Use Qtips and
acrylic paint to add color and value.
Be sure to create a range of values.

E-Exaggerated Face

Study Picasso's Cubist portraits.
Using a mirror, draw both
front and side views of your
face parts in an unusual
arrangement. Add color or value.

F-Finish the Photo

Find an old photo at home; could be a
landscape, vacation photo, anything
with a good range of color.
Glue the photo in the center
of a primed page. Using acrylic paint
attempt to mix and match the colors
of the photo and extend the image
to the rest of the page.
Manipulate your brush to recreate
textures as close as possible.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

G-Garbage Art Collage

Garbage Art Collage- Recycle your old art,work you don't like or haven't finished. Add things from your junk mail, or a recycling box. Create a dynamic composition. Add a new image to become the focal point.